A Maze of Blood
A Maze of Blood
Bombs away!
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 15
Zone Green Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Marine
Blackwatch soldier
Blackwatch officer
Upgrades Biobomb
Web of Intrigue Evolved: Biobomb
Archer's Contact
Harry Gutierrez
Previous Taking the Castle
Next Alpha Wolf

A Maze of Blood is the third mission in the Green Zone area in Prototype 2.

Bombing RunEdit

After insuspiciously receiving the location of the last known associate of Archer, Dr. Gutierrez, Heller goes there to find a trio of soldiers. However, one of them is secretly Evolved and distracts Heller by creating a bomb from another soldier. Heller pings his location, and directly attacks him. After a while, the Biobomber retreats, and Heller follows until he finally corners and consumes the Evolved, granting him use of the Biobomb.

(Don't) Kill the MessengerEdit

Discovering that the Biobomber was delivering a message from Gutierrez to another Evolved at a Military Base, Heller intercepts the Evolved, using the new power of the Biobomb to deal heavy damage. Upon consuming the Evolved, Heller realizes that the Whitelight has become more than a cure; he decides he has had enough, and tracks down Gutierrez. Upon confronting him, Gutierrez taunts Heller, then summons two more Evolved to his aid. Killing his lackeys first, upon Gutierrez's consumption, Heller finds out that Mercer has tainted the Whitelight somehow. He focuses on his hunt for Archer now...


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