A Nest of Vipers
A Nest of Vipers
Removing the serpent's head.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 14A
Zone Green Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Hydra
Blackwatch soldier
Upgrades Hammerfists
Hammerfists 2
Shield 2
Web of Intrigue Roland
Previous The White Light
Next Taking the Castle

A Nest of Vipers is the possible second mission in the Green Zone area in Prototype 2

Welcome to My LairEdit

Galloway contacts Heller with Roland's new location: an Infected Lair. As Heller approaches, Roland calls him and taunts Heller about his ambitious goal to end Blackwatch, Gentek, and Mercer's plans, citing the necessary casualties as the hallmark of a "true hero". However, Heller retorts that he never set out to be a hero in the first place.

Upon arriving at the Lair's exterior entrance, Roland taunts Heller once more and leaves a Hydra to combat Heller before he can enter. Besting the guard, Heller delves deep into the Lair, where he comes across Roland in Blackwatch gear. Departing the Lair, Roland leaves a Juggernaut to deal with Heller, with the creature utilizing a pair of hardened fists to shake the foundation of the Lair. After Heller manages to overcome the Juggernaut in a brutal battle, he consumes it and gains the ability to shift his hands into large weapons as powerful as an earthquake. Heller then escapes the Lair to deal with Roland.

Plans Within PlansEdit

Exiting the lair, Heller finds himself surrounded by Blackwatch troops. He executes a new maneuver with his newly acquired Hammerfists, then proceeds to use them to smash the Tanks called in by Roland to pieces until Roland himself finally emerges. Roland once again taunts Heller about his resistance to Mercer's plans and engages in a fight with Heller, displaying a unique ability to produce shield-like spikes when pushed to his limit. When Roland is finally downed, Heller impales and consumes him, learning more of Mercer's plans in the Green Zone...

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