A New Order
Prototype 078neworder
Alex gathers genetic material from a Hive.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 3.02
Additional Info
Opposition Walker
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A New Order is a mission in Prototype. The incidents occur on Day 4 of the Infection, with 4% of the total populace infected.


With Karen Parker free and safe, she agrees to help Alex in finding a cure for the infection caused due to the viral outbreak. She requests Alex to retrieve genetic material from infected water towers and hives that had spread across the city.

As he approaches one of the towers, the infection level around it starts to increase. Alex backs off from the tower and notices it return to normal. He tries to break the tower from a distance and succeeds in it. After he collects a few samples from the towers, Alex proceeds towards a hive.

Unfortunately, the military have already decided to bring it down. Alex changes his disguise and tries to collect as much of the genetic material from the hive, possible. Occasionally Alex disables a few APCs without drawing attention, in order to delay them from destroying the hive.

After collecting sufficient samples, Alex leaves the area and the military to deal with the Infected.

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