A Stranger Among Us
A Stranger Among Us
The stranger before us...
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 13A
Zone Green Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Walkers
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Next The White Light

A Stranger Among Us is the possible first mission in the Green Zone area in Prototype 2

The HiddenEdit

Heller tracks Galloway to her office, and upon entrance, she acknowledges her predicament. Thinking quite quickly, she offers her help in taking down the Evolved in return for a stay of her execution. She explains that, unlike her fellow Blacklight beings, she was given a 'gift': she can track the Evolved, wherever they may be. Impatient, Heller remarks that he had no trouble finding her. Galloway counters by explaining that her power has two exceptions: himself, and another Evolved named Roland. She offers to lead Heller to him, though he is less than tolerant at being "helped" by another Evolved, but concedes to her deal, and marches out the door...

Hell's BellsEdit

Through Galloway's information, Heller consumes a member of an evac team being deployed to rescue VIPs in Infected zones, with Roland hiding among them. He follows the squad through Infected areas in the Green Zone, besting numerous Walkers, Brawlers, and Hydras, all while maintaining his guise of a Blackwatch soldier, until they come upon the VIPs. Not knowing Roland's actual appearance, Galloway suggests killing them all. After whittling the numbers down, Roland makes himself known, calling Heller a "traitor". But he doesn't have the time to fight, and knocks Heller out. When Heller wakes, Galloway scolds him, and says she'll do what she can to find Roland again. At that moment, the man himself calls Heller and taunts him about his supposed resistance to Mercer's ambitions. Heller counters with a threat that he will find Roland soon enough.


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