"Get extra distance in a jump, or change your trajectory in mid-flight."

Airdash is one of the movement abilities, that allow the Prototypes to avoid projectiles or increase the speed and distance of their Glide.


Airdash BoostEdit

Airdash boost further increases the effectiveness of Airdash. This upgrade to the core Airdash, increases the speed and distance.

Airdash DoubleEdit

Airdash Double

Airdash double and Double boost.

Add a second Airdash for each and every jump. Use Airdash Double to double dodge, or alternately avoid an attack - then dash toward your foe for a retaliation! It also eliminates the need to land after each airdash, meaning that you can maintain a glide more effectively.

Airdash Double BoostEdit

Increase the distance of the Airdash Double with this upgrade. Dash further and faster with each Airdash.

Tactical overviewEdit

A popular use of airdash is to regain your glide and move farther. When you're coming to the end of a glide and are moving downward at a fast speed, use airdash to propel forward and then come into another glide. Airdash can only be used twice while in the air (once without the airdash double upgrade), causing the need to land on something to get another two airdashes to use.

Performing an airdash right before landing causes Alex to immediately accelerate to his maximum running speed.


Note Edit

  • In Prototype 2, James Heller can use this ability up to three times, further extending his air time. This also makes it easier to get the So Above it All and The Floor is Lava achievements/trophies.

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