"Home. My home."
―Alex recalling his apartment.[src]

During his time with Gentek and before his infection, Alex Mercer used to live in an apartment located in Renalia Building, Upper East Side.


After his escape from Gentek, Mercer could not remember his past. However, he managed to find his sister Dana after he absorbed the memories of a Blackwatch soldier.

When they were safe from Blackwatch and the Marines, Dana suggested that Alex should look for clues at his apartment. Unfortunately for Alex, Blackwatch knew he was coming. When he recovered from the flashback, Cptn. Mac Marshall gave the order to blow the hidden bomb. Alex however, survived the blast and continued to hunt Mac Marshall. Whatever possession he had in his apartment was destroyed due to the explosion.


  • In his apartment, if one looks closely at one of his walls, he seems to have a whiteboard meaning due to working on the Blacklight virus, he has a formula showing the makeup and schematics to its design, and it has a chemical composition visible on the board.



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