Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf
The Alpha baring her "teeth".
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 16
Zone Green Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Scientist
Blackwatch soldier
Upgrades Pack Leader
Pack Leader 2
Web of Intrigue Karen Archer
Previous A Maze of Blood
Next Fall from Grace

Alpha Wolf is the fourth mission in the Green Zone area in Prototype 2

Flood the DenEdit

After recently discovering Archer's location, Rooks hands the coordinates over to "Riley". Upon arrival, Heller destroys several tanks of toxic fumes to force Archer from her biometric-secured office. He uses his Biobomb power to stealthily destroy all the tanks. Archer exits her office, ventilates the area, and reveals her Evolved nature by killing a soldier.

A New AlphaEdit

Archer engages Heller. After a prolonged battle, Archer displays her innate power to summon a pack of Brawlers to fight Heller. Defeating those, Heller wears Archer down once more. She uses her ability to summon twice as many Brawlers then before, leading them to meet the same fate. Soon, Archer makes a last-ditch effort, but fails and is consumed. Exiting the facility, Blackwatch troops give Heller the perfect opportunity to present his new power as the Pack Leader, and later contacts Guerra about his new discovery from Archer's memories...

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