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"My daddy taught me better than that."
―Autumn about herself[src]

Autumn was Flint's daughter who lived with him. Autumn seemed to like Alex Mercer, who had disguised himself as a writer and was living in a cabin near Autumn's house.


Autumn seemed to have an interest in Alex Mercer, an interest she made apparent whenever Alex was invited over to their cabin for dinner by Flint. After a few days, Autumn went to Mercer's cabin. When he returned to his cabin enraged about Flint's betrayal, Alex wanted Autumn to come with him.

Autumn declined to go with him as she couldn't leave her father alone. Mercer tried to convince her as he started to remove the floor boards to reveal an empty box. When she saw that Mercer was suspicious about her stealing his money, Autumn shot and left him to die, stating that she only cared about herself.

To her surprise, Alex's body started to transform and he consumed her, her betrayal ultimately cementing his belief that humanity must be destroyed.


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