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Imperative 2

Biological Imperative is a mission in Prototype.

Cure ScansEdit

Alex Mercer returns to Dr. Bradley Ragland's morgue at St. Paul's Hospital. Ragland hands Mercer a syringe, explaining that he had managed to synthesize a cure - but it has to be injected into a proper host to manifest. Ragland hypothesizes that if Mercer was to inject it into a Hunter with proper genes, its biomass might be able to cure him of the parasite feeding on him.

Mercer infiltrates a military base in-order to commandeer a helicopter capable of scanning viral DNA. He uses it to track the hunter required for his cure. Mercer tracks an incubated Hunter in the infected zone, however, it frees itself from the tank as he approaches. He weakens the Hunter and injects it with the cure before it escapes.

The Hunter recovers and escapes from Mercer. However, Mercer does not stop it, but follows the Hunter, waiting for the cure to manifest. After the hunter ravages through a few blocks of the city, Alex consumes the Hunter, hoping the biomass would work.


Infected civilians and Walkers start to attack Mercer, but a new layer of hardened biomass covers him. Mercer throws the infected off his back, cured of the parasite and evolved into a stronger being than before.

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