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A Blackbox was an audio recording scattered throughout New York Zero. These blackboxes contained conversations between Blackwatch officers and their subordinates or Gentek personnel. There are a total of 45 Blackboxes in NYZ.

Green ZoneEdit

The Green Zone has a total of 14 Blackboxes to be found.


  • 5 Blackboxes

Lincoln MeadowsEdit

  • 5 Blackboxes

Salt Yard PlainsEdit

  • 4 Blackboxes

Yellow ZoneEdit

The Yellow Zone has a total of 13 Blackboxes to be found.


  • 4 Blackboxes

Linden ParkEdit

  • 4 Blackboxes


  • 5 Blackboxes

Red ZoneEdit

The Red Zone has a total of 18 Blackboxes to be found.


  • 5 Blackboxes


  • 6 Blackboxes

Times SquareEdit

  • 7 Blackboxes


  • Recovering a set of Blackboxes granted James Heller EP, allowing him to gain mutations.


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