Brain Drain
Brain Drain
Heller in pursuit of three of the Scientists.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 5
Zone Yellow Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Web of Intrigue Aubrey Shaffeld
Previous Operation Flytrap
Next Project Long Shadow

Brain Drain is the fifth mission in the Yellow Zone area in Prototype 2


After locating Rooks' base through the //BLACKNET, Heller consumes a Blackwatch grunt, and infiltrates the base. He has an opportunity to strike at Rooks and Riley, but is interrupted, and loses sight of them both. He is then drafted to protect some Scientists, but instead breaks his cover, and consumes them, whom are overheard to be critically involved in a project called "Phase One"...

Need a Doctor?Edit

Within moments of his consumption of the research team, their memories reveal one Dr. Shaffeld as a key Gentek researcher. Heller senses his location, but arrives too late to stop Shaffeld's APC transport. So he picks up the nearest rocket launcher from a grunt, destroys the APC, and consumes Shaffeld, learning a little more about the mysterious "Phase One".

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