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Charles Perri.

Lieutenant Charles Perri was a Blackwatch officer that Alex Mercer consumed right after disguising as 1st. Lt. James Goodwin. Perri, had lead the team responsible for the arrest of Dana Mercer Alex's sister.

Node of IntrigueEdit

Dana Mercer: "*struggling* Fuckin' goose stepping mother-fuckers."
Lt. Perri: "*(laugh)* You kiss your mother with that mouth? (in headset) Roger, 2215 Christopher Street. Apartment 15 A. Got it. *cuts communication* Saddle up, you've got a CP. Move it!"
―Lt Charles Perri, about the location of Dana's apartment

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Prt-Perri 2

Perri enquiring a disguised Alex.

The player can choose not to consume him immediately and hear various messages, which loop until he is consumed:

  • "Report!"
  • "Where the fuck is the target?!"
  • "Don't make me shoot you myself. Get your shit together and REPORT!"
  • "This is the fucking Blacklight we're talking about, Private. This is the big one. Report!"
  • "We got a class one breach and you sit there with your THUMB UP YOUR ASS?!"
  • "You better get on the fuckin' ball son."
  • "You better pray Randall isn't on this one."


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WoI Charles Perri

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