Children of Blacklight is a mission in Prototype.


With the Hive's walls breached, Alex Mercer charges in to confront Elizabeth Greene. Alex questions Greene about his sister's whereabouts and what was Greene. However, her answers do not satisfy Mercer and he is attacked by Greene. During this skirmish, Alex injects the cure Blackwatch had used against him. Greene's biology rejects the cure, and the biomass she regurgitates forms into a new form of infected Hunter.

As Alex battles against this new enemy, more infected join the fight. Unexpectedly, the Supreme Hunter performs one of the devastators Alex was capable of. Eventually, Blackwatch and the Military manage to enter the Hive and concentrate their firepower against the infected.

Using his own abilities and the Military's vast arsenal, Mercer defeats the Supreme Hunter and rescues Dana. Seeing her unconscious, Alex takes her to the only ally they have in Manhattan. Dr. Ragland checks for her vitals and concludes that she was stable but unresponsive. He also hands Alex a map marked with locations of Blackwatch operations.

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