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"You wish I still had bullets in this gun, you freak.
It'd hurt less."
―Conrad while killing an infected walker.[src]

Conrad Stevens was a former policeman and one of the few survivors in the Red Zone of New York Zero. Conrad tried to escape the Red Zone along with Marcie and Ami Levin, but was recruited as a test subject for Gentek's experiments under the false pretense that he would be working for Blackwatch.


Conrad hid himself along with Marcie and Ami, as he knew how Blackwatch would deal with any survivors of the Red Zone. When Blackwatch soldiers were busy killing the infected, Conrad led Marcie and Ami to a Blackwatch base close to them. However, his plans to escape with a helicopter failed and the trio crash landed in the Yellow Zone.

P2 Survivors-Trio escape-2

The three survivors while escaping to the Green Zone.

Eventually, Conrad came in contact with a group of resistance led by Athena in the Yellow Zone. The resistance revealed that the zone was an experimental field for Gentek and Blackwatch. Disregarding Athena's advice to stay hidden, Conrad attempts to infiltrate one of Blackwatch's Helipads in the vicinity.

He threatens one of the Gentek workers and commandeers his vehicle. Conrad and Marcie dress themselves with the hazmat suits and pretend to escort Ami as their prisoner. Eventually they were brought to one of Gentek's facilities in the Green Zone and Conrad was confronted by Lt. Clint Riley. Conrad tried to justify the murders he had committed in the Red Zone. He explained that he wanted to get out of town to meet his wife along with Ami and Marcie and was forced to kill the soldiers since he had seen what Blackwatch was doing to any survivor of the Red Zone.

Riley agreed to let Conrad see his wife, if he would work for Blackwatch. In his desperation to be reunited with his wife, Conrad agreed to work for them. However, Madeline Stevens, Conrad's wife, had died after returning to the city early after visiting her family. Riley kept this information from Conrad. Marcie, Conrad, and Ami were then made test subjects for Project Orion.


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