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Cptn Daniel McCaskill was a Blackwatch officer who was investigating about Alex Mercer. Dr. Raymond McMullen showed him a footage of Mercer breaking into the 51st floor of Gentek to release, Elizabeth Greene.

Node of IntrigueEdit

McCaskill: "I've seen this footage before."
McMullen: "But you weren't paying attention. Watch it again.
He uses the code to open the door right after consuming the target. That code was only known to three people.
What if Zeus is collecting minds like a child collects moths?
What if he has access to everything anyone he consumes has seen, done or heard?
This would explain several things: its knowledge of Blackwatch tactics, its ability to pilot aircraft and armor, something Mercer had no training in.
As well as its uncanny skill in rooting out sleeper personnel.
This would also be very, very bad for all of us at Blackwatch.
―McMullen hypothesizing about Mercer's abilities.[src]

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  • The digits, 1469 on the number pad beside the door are marked with blood. This could be a possible reference to 1964, the year when Blackwatch started their experiments in Hope, Idaho.


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