Dr. David Burk was the head Gentek scientist involved with Project Orion, in which Super Soldiers were being developed to combat James Heller. He was killed and consumed by Heller.

Project Orion Edit

Burk was a leading scientist in charge of Project Orion, working alongside Dr. Anton Koenig and Dr. Nathan Bellamy. The primary goal of the top-secret project was to create a super soldier to fight against James Heller and Alex Mercer. Like many other scientists in Gentek, Burk was ruthless. He also had contact with Colonel Rooks.

When Phase One of Project Orion was interrupted by James Heller, Burk managed to save some important tests and results in order to allow the project's second phase to proceed. The goal of Phase Two was to develop even stronger super soldiers, and a single Phase Two soldier was produced. However, Heller managed to destroy Burke's results and kill the Phase Two soldier. With Phase Two halted, a furious Burk was then killed and consumed by James Heller.

In Burk's memories, Heller discovered that Koenig not only betrayed his colleagues involved with Project Orion, but also Heller himself.

Node of IntrigueEdit

Commander: "Close to a big breakthrough, are you, Doc?"
Dr. Koenig: "More like a personal milestone. I've been observing Heller -- taking the measure of his strength. Now I know exactly how to put him down."
Commander: "Put him down? Dr. Koenig, what are you planning?"
Dr. Koenig: "Oh, it's nothing to fret over."
Commander: "I just..."
Dr. Koenig: "It's none of your concern, Commander. Don't try to think above your pay grade."

—Anton Koenig, to a Blackwatch commander[src]