Dead Zone

The Dead Zone is the fourth zone in Prototype 2. It is the upper half of Manhattan Island.

Information Edit

The Dead Zone was created by the nuclear bomb dropped near Manhattan in the ending of Prototype. It is the only part of the island affected by the nuke. Mercer dropped it in the sea Located in the Red Zone, it is the only zone that isn't a part of any gameplay. However, it is talked about by the general public in the credits of Prototype.

As its name suggests, it is a zone that is devoid of life with no inhabitants. Anyone who previously lived in the area was most likely killed when the nuke detonated, due to the general public having no knowledge about the planned bombing of NYC.

Description Edit

The Dead Zone is completely desolate and uninhabited, giving the zone its name. Near the edge of the Dead Zone, one can see the effects of the nuclear blast on the buildings in the Dead Zone. The entire area is scorched by the flames of the thermonuclear explosion. There is also a thick haze, however this is the build up of smoke from the flames.

The Dead Zone seems to be controlled by the Artillery Strike Team who will give warning upon approach, and subsequently fire on anyone attempting to enter the Restricted Zone. As James Heller and Alex Mercer have shields, they are the only known individuals capable of withstanding the artillery fire and staying alive when wandering around the area.


  • It is possible to enter the Dead Zone without being killed by the Artillery Strike Team. However, once you enter it there is no way of getting out.
  • In the cutscene at the beginning of the second game, a news reporter says that a woman was killed in Central Park, which was in the Dead Zone.