Enemies and Allies
Enemies and Allies
Remaking the "Clean Zone".
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 12.02
Zone Green Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Walkers
Upgrades Hijack
Rifles 2
Launchers 2
Previous The Airbridge
Next A Stranger Among Us

Enemies and Allies is the transitory mission between the Yellow and Green Zone areas in Prototype 2.


Upon Heller's arrival in the Green Zone, he contacts Guerra, and meets him at his new place of refuge. They learn of the origin point of the second outbreak being exactly the same place as the first. They then see a surveillance feed of Mercer entering Penn Station for the second time, and releasing the virus once more. Heller is initially angered by this, declaring that he will but an end to Mercer's schemes, managing to remember that Koenig had spoken about an acquaintance, Sabrina Galloway, as being in line for the position of CEO of Gentek, and goes to attend a briefing about her given by Riley.

A Good Little SoldierEdit

Upon arriving at the base, Heller finds that an increase in Infected pouring in from the Red Zone has grounded the briefing, and is instead commissioned to eliminate the massive horde, before the briefing can be held. He is given command of an APC, which he uses to clear a park of Brawlers and Juggernauts, then moves on a large crowd of Infected, and deals with two Hydras. After that venture, Heller is called back to the base, and is given Galloway's location, in addition to the information that he and Guerra are at the top of Blackwatch's hitlist, by an unsuspecting Riley.


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