Cptn Eric Lim was a Blackwatch soldier stationed at Manhattan Island during the viral outbreak. He informed General Randall about Dr. Raymond McMullen dispatching the infected bodies to Dr. Bradley Ragland.

Node of IntrigueEdit

E. Lim: "Sir, Director McMullen surrendered the Penn Station bodies to a civilian."
General Randall: "Ragland?"
E. Lim: "Yes, sir."
General Randall: "You did the right thing, son. Your new orders are this: recover all samples, bodies and evidence from Dr. Ragland. Bring them to Base AE-One."
E. Lim: "Ragland?"
General Randall: "If he doesn't interfere, leave him be. He's already implicated. He won't talk."
E. Lim: "And McMullen, sir."
General Randall: "It's time for the Doctor to learn who's in charge of this little excursion."

—Eric Lim reporting to General Randall[src]

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  • In game, he is shown as the gunner of an APC, whereas in the video, he's a Blackwatch soldier.
  • In 1stLt Steven Yarish Node of Intrigue video, he's shown as a Blackwatch commander.

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