Field Op

Heller, in a Blackwatch disguise, presiding over a Field Op

A Field Op is an event, that is considered a collectible, in Prototype 2. It is generally a group of Scientists studying caged or lying Infected, or the body of a dead Brawler. They are usually guarded by two or three Blackwatch soldiers.   


There are various scenarios for how to easily eliminate a Field Op.

  • Perform hit-and-run attacks with Claws.
  • Charge head-on in with Hammerfists.
  • Slice and dice with the Blade.
  • Sweep the street with the Whipfist.
  • Teach the importance of friendship with the Tendril Black Hole maneuver.
  • Perform a spot-on Bullet Dive (Radnet required)
  • Fire missiles at the site with a Gunship
  • Stealth Bio-bomb the scientist or Blackwatch trooper at the center.
  • Kick the scientist or Blackwatch trooper at the side that could take out the others as the body would be flying meters away. Note: (You must carefully get in position)


Most Field Ops in the Yellow and Green Zones will be on ground level, while the majority of the Red Zone will be on the rooftops.

Be wary, as a few of them are within earshot of a Military Base, which will trigger an alert.

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