First and Last Things
Ragland studying the anatomy of the Leader Hunter.
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Game Prototype
Episode 6.02
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Opposition Marine
Leader Hunter
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First and Last Things is a mission in Prototype. The events take place on Day 10 of the infection, with 68 percent of the populace infected.

Leader HunterEdit

With Dana kidnapped for unknown reason by Elizabeth Greene, Alex Mercer returns to the only ally he could consult, Bradley Ragland. Ragland informs that this new Hunter has fulfilled the role of a leader, and in order to find the leader which took Dana, Alex has to consume one to know how they worked. Ragland also hypothesizes that consuming a leader might reveal where the virus was concentrated. However, rescuing Dana is Alex's top priority.

Alex finds a Leader Hunter in one of the infected zones, causing mayhem with a few Hunters. After killing the Hunters, Alex manages to defeat the Leader; however, when he tries to consume it, the Leader manages to recover and pushes Alex away. Surprised by this, Alex decides to capture the Leader for Ragland to study. He manages to gain the Leader's attention and leads it towards the abandoned military base.

Mercer weakens the Leader once inside the base, allowing Ragland to study its anatomy.

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