"The revelation. It freed me. It killed me."
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"I was born without the gene for strategy."
―Flint jesting about himself.[src]

Flint was an owner of a lumber mill who lived along with his daughter, Autumn. Flint rented Alex Mercer one of his cabins.


Flint shared a past as a criminal with Zurich. Flint was involved in extortion and murders which were lead by Zurich. Years later, Flint had retired from his former business and settled with his daughter. He owned a piece of land up north and looked after the lumber mill.

The writerEdit

Mercer dinner

Flint along with his daughter and Mercer.

Sometime during 2009, Flint was visited by a man calling himself Jack. Jack claimed to be a writer and wanted to rent one of Flint's cabins. Although, Jack was Alex Mercer who had disguised himself in order to stay in hiding.

Flint and his daughter did not bother Mercer as they thought he was writing a book. Occasionally, they would invite Mercer to have dinner with them. Flint would sit at a distance and watch his daughter play chess with Alex.

An old friendEdit


Flint visited by Zurich.

"I'm just... I'm worried.
Zurich's not a man who takes no for an answer."
―Flint expressing his concerns to Mercer.[src]

Zurich, Flint's former associate, showed up at his house and proposed to buy Flint's lumber mill and all the land surrounding it. However, Flint denied this offer, and expressed his regrets while talking to Mercer.

That night, Mercer killed two men who were planning on burning down Flint's house and kill him if he tries to escape. Mercer killed them and consumed a man named Larry. He discovered that Zurich had ordered his men to kill Flint and his daughter in order to obtain their land.

The pastEdit

"You'd best cooperate. Mr.Flint doesn't like it when people don't cooperate."
―Zurich about Flint.[src]

The next morning, Mercer disguised as Jack returned Flint's house in rage. He questioned about Flint's work for Zurich. Although he claimed that he had left his past and moved on, Mercer felt betrayed and in his rage, he killed Flint.



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