Fly in the Ointment
Fly in the Ointment
Sam's flyboy.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 21A
Zone Red Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Hydra
Blackwatch officer
Web of Intrigue Commander Ellis
Previous Last Resort
Next Divine Intervention

Fly in the Ointment is the possible third mission in the Red Zone area in Prototype 2.

Dishonest AbeEdit

Galloway informs Heller that his tussle with Cantrell has prompted a meeting of the heads of Project Firehawk. Infiltrating the base of one such head, Commander Ellis, Heller consumes Arnold Lincoln, a Blackwatch pilot, and takes over his chopper, which is then commissioned to escort Ellis to the meeting...

Quite a PilotEdit

After the first few minutes, two groups of Flyers ambush the choppers. Heller uses the chopper's guns and launchers to fend them off. Soon, Heller's chopper is designated as reinforcement for a nearby base. Dealing with that situation, Heller receives a distress call from Ellis; the Infected have disabled his chopper. Heller races to kill the attacking Infected, and succeeds, upon which Ellis enters a replacement APC for the rest of the escort. Upon arrival at the meeting, Heller proceeds to consume the Firehawk leaders to learn more about it; he discovers that the operation will lead to Infected AND civilian casualties...

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