Force multipliers are special modifications to the Prototype 2 game, that would otherwise be impossible. They come with the Excessive Force and Colossal Mayhem DLC packs. 

"Turning on Force Multipliers will void any challenge and trophy (aka achievement) progress, as well as lock out events, until a save file is reloaded."


  1. Anti-Gravity Field - is a no gravity weapon for interactable objects and NPCs.
  2. Warp Vortex - Any known thrown objects will create a miniature vortex that collects, and spiral out everything.
  3. Chaos Creator - Turns every civilian NPC into a Walker when they are hit.
  4. Air Time - Endless gliding.
  5. Shockwave - Sends lighter objects flying whenever you jump
  6. Medusa's Wrath - A method of instant-killing for any enemy it hits.
  7. Weapon - Select the Thermobaric Boomstick or the V.I.G.L..

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