The target infected.

Infected consume events are one of the two consume events available in Prototype. This is one of the straightforward events where the objective is to destroy the marked hive after consuming the targeted infected within the given time.

Destroying a hive Edit

A hive can be destroyed by using most of Alex's area effect abilities or the heavy weapons of Blackwatch and the military. Another good method is throwing objects such as vehicles, which cause large damage upon impact due to the explosive power.

Area effects Edit

For effectiveness of the offensive powers, Mercer's devastators abilities are to be used on the hive's roof. Occasionally a few Hunters try to attack, but if the devastator is timed properly, it will kill the hunters or stun them, allowing Mercer to increase his biomass and health.

Military hardware Edit

Along with Alex, the Military on the island are also interested in destroying the Hives.

  • A military disguise is required in order to use the Artillery strike, if it has been unlocked. However, the hive can only be destroyed by three continuous strikes.
  • In-case three strikes are unavailable, the disguise can be used to hijack the Tanks and APCs near the hive.
    • If the Skyjack ability has been unlocked, nearby helicopters can be hijacked and used against the hive. This will alert the military engaged in combat below, however, sufficient amount of damage can be caused before the Gunship has been shot down.
  • Missile launchers, along with the Machine guns and Grenade launchers, can also used against the hives, causing minimal damage.


  • Easy: 3
  • Medium: 3
  • Hard: 3

Difficulty Time Limit Objective Reward
Easy 3:30 Destroy the marked hive 14400 EP
Medium 3:00 Destroy the marked hive 19200 EP
Hard 2:30 Destroy the marked hive 24000 EP

Source Edit

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