Last Resort
Last Resort
Scavengers unwelcome!
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 20
Zone Red Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Upgrades Whipfist
Blade 4
Hammerfists 4
Whipfist 2
Whipfist 3
Whipfist 4
Biobomb 5
Pack Leader 5
Web of Intrigue Commander Cantrell
Previous Burned from Memory
Next Fly in the Ointment

Last Resort is the second mission in the Red Zone area in Prototype 2.

Unlock the DoorEdit

Galloway's information leads to a military base that has been put under full lockdown to protect Commander Cantrell, a leading figure of Project Firehawk. Heller proceeds to destroy the fuel tanks with a launcher, and decimates all soldiers in the base, which forces Cantrell to flee via chopper, but that is quickly brought to a halt...

A Good WhippingEdit

Upon reaching the crash site, several Brawlers and Juggernauts attack, forcing Heller to defend Cantrell from them. After defeating a second wave of Infected, Heller is engaged by an Evolved, who puts up a decent fight. but is eventually overwhelmed and consumed, granting Heller the power to shift his arm into a whip-like bladed weapon. Soon, Cantrell's evac choppers arrive, and Heller wields his new power to destroy them. He also demonstrates his ability on the Infected. Cantrell then makes a daring, but foolish, escape attempt before Heller grapples and consumes him, learning that Firehawk will resulting in over "1.5 billion casualties"...


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