Last Resort

Scavengers unwelcome

Last Resort is the second mission in the Red Zone area in Prototype 2.

Unlock the DoorEdit

Galloway's information leads to a military base that has been put under full lockdown to protect Commander Cantrell, a leading figure of Project Firehawk. Heller proceeds to destroy the fuel tanks with a launcher, and decimates all soldiers in the base, which forces Cantrell to flee via chopper, but that is quickly brought to a halt...

A Good WhippingEdit

Upon reaching the crash site, several Brawlers and Juggernauts attack, forcing Heller to defend Cantrell from them. After defeating a second wave of Infected, Heller is engaged by an Evolved, who puts up a decent fight. but is eventually overwhelmed and consumed, granting Heller the power to shift his arm into a whip-like bladed weapon. Soon, Cantrell's evac choppers arrive, and Heller wields his new power to destroy them. He also demonstrates his ability on the Infected. Cantrell then makes a daring, but foolish, escape attempt before Heller grapples, and consumes, him, learning that Firehawk will resulting in over "1.5 billion casualties"...

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