Lost in the System
Lost in the System
Removing the blockage.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 22B
Zone Red Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Brawler
Web of Intrigue Trey Carson
Previous Operation Firehawk
Next A Labor of Love

Lost in the System is the possible fourth mission in the Red Zone area in Prototype 2.

A Family ManEdit

Deciding that Rooks' usefulness is over, Heller moves to kill him, but discovers something surprising. Retrieving the information, Heller infiltrates Carson's base, and consumes him. His memories reveal that he is going to take Amaya far from NYZ, and vivisect her to find out more about her DNA. Leaving the base, Heller discovers that a Goliath is attacking it. Defeating the Goliath, completely unharmed, Heller contacts Carson's evac chopper...

Meeting Between FathersEdit

En route to Amaya's location, "Carson's" chopper is attacked by Evolved, who are looking for Carson. Revealing himself, Heller engages the Evolved, and learns that Mercer has a special purpose in store for Amaya. Receiving a call from Rooks, Heller meets him at a certain point and reveals to Rooks that his trusted man has been dead for a while. Rooks aims to kill Heller, but a few solemn words from Heller convince him otherwise...

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