Luis Robertson
Pro1 Blackwatch Portrait

First Lieutenant





1st Lt Luis Robertson is a Blackwatch soldier.

Node of IntrigueEdit

General Peter Randall: "You'll hear a lot of crap about where the group started, Lieutenant, but... I'll give you the lay of the land."
1st Lt Luis Robertson: "Sir."
General Peter Randall: "Son, how do you fight a war?"
1st Lt Luis Robertson: "Sir?"
General Peter Randall: "You engage the enemy. In our case, the virus. We couldn't just sit down and study it, we had to experience it. No one had seen anything like it in action before."
1st Lt Luis Robertson: "Hope, Idaho?"
General Peter Randall: "Hope, Idaho was just a... sacrificial lamb. A necessary cruelty. Without it, we couldn't save the world."
1st Lt Luis Robertson: "I understand, Sir."
General Peter Randall: "Of course you do. That's why you're one of us."

—A conversation between General Randall and Luis Robertson[src]

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