Prt-Mac Marshall

Mac Marshall escorted by Blackwatch troops.

Cptn. Mac Marshall is a Blackwatch officer who led an attack to kill Alex Mercer by detonating his apartment at Renalia. Mercer survived this blast and consumed Marshall before he could escape.

Before his death, Marshall had consulted with Dr. Raymond McMullen about Mercer. It was Marshall underestimating Mercer's abilities (despite McMullen's warnings) that eventually leads to his death.

Node of IntrigueEdit

Cptn. Mac Marshall: "Doctor, try to keep the discussion high level. We need to know what we're dealing with on the ground."
Dr. Raymond McMullen: "Its effect is... Variable. When it DOES manifest, it makes the Idaho strain look like the common cold.
I don't need to remind you gentlemen how close we came to the point-of-no-return in Idaho.
Mercer's body is a bomb, filled with this weaponized pathogen, waiting to go off.
And now it's loose in the city. Bring it in, no matter what it takes. I'd say dead or alive, but I'm not sure if those classifications fit Alex Mercer any longer.
―Cptn Marshall, interrogating Dr. McMullen about the virus[src]

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Web of Intrigue Mac Marshall00:36

Web of Intrigue Mac Marshall

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