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Matt kaminsky

Matt Kaminsky

Matthew (Matt) Kaminsky is an American film, television, and voice actor.


Kaminsky was born on June 8, 1971 in Oceanside, Long Island, New York, but grew up in Palm Springs, California.

Game CreditsEdit

  • Prototype 2 (2011–2012), Radical Entertainment, various voices
  • Dead Space 2 (2011), EA/Visceral Games, Kaleb/Hedrick/Microstore Computer/additional voices
  • Aion: The Tower of Eternity (2008), NC Soft, various voices
  • Socom: Confrontation (2008), Ubisoft, US Seal 2, Pilot
  • Tom Clancy's EndWar (2008), Ubisoft, Russian Soldiers
  • Too Human (2008), Microsoft Game Studios, Sigmund
  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), 2K Games, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
  • Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers (2006), THQ, Martz, CNN Reporter
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (2005), Konami, Soldiers
  • Psychonauts (2005), Konami, Dalmatian
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2005), Konami, Soldiers
  • Everquest II (2004), Sony Online, Drunk Dwarf, Qenos Guard (Human), Arcane Scientists, City Registrar Glamis, Caretaker Nogfizzle, Orwen Neovra, Fahid, Ignar Steadirt, the Sarge, Boulden Smitestone Sony Online Entertainment
  • Devil May Cry 2 (2003), Capcom, Dante
  • Dead to Rights (2002), Namco, Johnson, Thug
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001), Activision, Lt. B.J. Blazkowicz


  • Kaminsky has a very extensive filmography ranging from TV series to film. As it is too extensive to add here, more information can be found on his imdb profile.
  • Interestingly, Kaminsky provided a near indistinguishable voice-match for Christopher Reeve in select scenes for the Richard Donner cut of Superman II (1980).

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