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Maurice "Skip" Kimball is an Art Director at Microsoft Game Studios working on their intellectual properties and existing game licenses.


Academically, Kimball was education at the University of The Arts, Philadelphia, where he enrolled in 1989 and graduated in 1993 with a B.A in Film and Animation. Kimball's background is in visual development, creating the “what" the visual seed for the first visual introduction to the concepts of computer games like PROTOTYPE and in his words this is "truly, creative freedom to explore all possibilities!"

Recently he completed work with Disney & United Front Games. For 3 years prior he worked on PROTOTYPE as the project's Art Director and Lead Concept Artist. Since 1991 he has worked as an Animator, Illustrator and Conceptual Design Artist on a myriad of projects with studios all over North America.

While at Activision, Kimball worked on the environment concepts plus interior/exterior detail environment layouts & matte paintings in both game True Crime and PROTOTYPE series. He was also responsible for establishing the artistic direction, writing the Art Style Guide and developing the story ideas for "PROTOTYPE" including:

  • Visual concept illustrations for environments & characters
  • Managing an art team
  • Daily reviews
  • Directing in-game cinematics
  • Visual brand approvals for toys and comic books
  • Creating art for magazine covers and articles
  • Writing performance reviews


Extensive career in the computer game industry including such roles as;

  • Art Directing 2D/3D game production with a background of pre-production, visual development, background and layout
  • Art Direction experience with Maya & Max game artist
  • Experienced in creating and directing the look of a production from concept to finished product
  • Story art skills for a production’s visual direction
  • Experienced in supervising other artists during pre through post production
  • Writing the Art Style Guide for game production
  • Highly rendered production illustrations including Matte Paintings
  • Orthographic designs
  • Character & environment concepts
  • Environment layouts

Game CreditsEdit

Because of Kimball’s many years and extensive roles in the computer game industry his game credits and filmography is far too extensive to add here. Further information can be found on his professional portfolio, link here.

List of PROTOTYPE InterviewsEdit

  • Interviewed by GTtv with Geoff Keighley, aired on Spike TV on June,28th 2008 Topic PROTOTYPE
  • PROTOTYPE: Artistic Vision Uncensored: Game Developers Conference 2008, February, San Francisco.
  • The Mind Behind Your Eye: An artistic guide to conceptual design Radical Entertainment. March, 2007

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  • Animation intern on Clay & 2D animation commercial projects for MTV, HBO, ABC and Studio owned film projects.
  • Kimball also worked in layouts in the 1996 for cartoon series 'Pinky & the Brian', although his work went mainly unaccredited.

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