"Shit. End of Days? The Government has finally gone mad with power? It could be anything."
―Maxwell Robbins upon being questioned by McKlusky.[src]

Maxwell Robbins was a conspiracy theorist and a friend of Detective McKlusky, who lived in Soho, lower Manhattan.[1]

After martial law was implemented in the city, McKlusky along with his partner Ella Garcia visited Maxwell in order to request information. As Maxwell was a hacker, he had the knowledge of Gentek and Blackwatch. He had found out about something biologically and deadly was loose in the city, after hacking into the governments computers.[1]

Max shot

Maxwell shot dead by an unknown sniper.

He informed McKlusky everything he knew about the organizations, how Blackwatch was just an idea forty years ago and Gentek was part of it. He also reveals that it was Blackwatch that had implemented martial law in the city. However Max had dug out too much of information for his own good. He was shot dead with a sniper in his apartment when while talking to McKlusky and Garcia.[1]


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