MiD 1

Memory in Death is the first mission in Prototype.

You start of near southwest of central park. Five Blackwatch soldier confront you. Target them and use the basic and special attacks to dispatch the soldiers. Then move further towards Times Square. You will come across a few more soldiers, this time with Missile launchers. With the Claws active, you can kill most of the soldiers with the basic attack. Consume a few soldiers or Infected civilians if low on health. Most of the soldiers with missile launchers move out of the claw's reach. Use the Groundspike special attack to kill them.

With the area cleared move further, Blackwatch has sent five Tanks to deal with you. They are marked with skull icons. Hammerfist should be activated by now. Use the Hammerfist smackdown (Basic attack) or Elbow slam (Jump and special attack), to destroy the tanks. Make sure not to make contact with any of the missiles (consume a few infected in the area).

After the tanks are destroyed, reach Times square to face a few Hunters. Most of them are distracted, as they seem more interested in destroying the military tanks than you. Wait for the military to take care of most of the hunters, while you glide and dodge the debris thrown by the hunters towards you. With the Blade power active, you can use Air slice (In Air+ Special attack) to kill the remaining. The soldiers around you are willing to help unlike the tanks. The direct their fire to the nearest hunter. With this hunter distracted, you can move in for the kill.

After the hunters are dealt with move from the area to the next checkpoint. You will see a Blackwatch officer calling a strike package to deal with the infected along with you. You have two choices here;

  • If you intend to continue a long fight, you can try to take down the Gunships and tanks. Not an easy task since they completely concentrate on you, making it hard.
  • Or you can directly sprint towards the marked target and consume him. With him consumed, the prologue ends with a tendril barrage devastator attack.

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