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Murder Your Maker

James Heller vs Alex Mercer

Murder Your Maker is the epilogue of Prototype 2


Heller exits the building, and is contacted by Dana, where he furiously exclaims that Alex has Amaya now. Dana concedes to the fact that her brother is no longer alive in that thing, and tells Heller to do what ever must be done. Heller runs at top speed to the point of no return. Upon arrival, Heller is confronted by Mercer and a good many Evolved, including Galloway. Mercer goes on to explain that he will destroy humanity, to create a New World, with Amaya at the epicenter of it. He declares that the only obstacle left between him and his goal is Heller himself. So, he mass consumes his remaining Evolved, and becomes powerful enough to kill and consume James Heller.

Top of the Food ChainEdit

Mercer wields his Blade, while Heller has to use his Claws to avoid being rebuked by Mercer's power. After whittling down his health, Heller forces Mercer to use his Whipfist. He knocks a chopper out of the sky, whereas Heller dodges it, and the battle continues. After another grueling fight, Mercer switches to his Hammerfists, then summons a fleet of Flyers, which Heller decimates with his Devastator. One hearty battle later, Mercer has been pushed to the breaking point, and attacks Heller directly. Heller blocks the attack, and slices off Mercer's arm with his Claw. Mercer uses his Whipfist, where Heller grabs it, pulls Mercer forward, and cuts off that arm with his Blade. Mercer makes a last effort with his Hammerfists, which Heller counters, and tears off both arms. Mercer finally submits, and with a last remark, is consumed by Heller. After Mercer's memories reveal Amaya and Dana's location, Heller unleashes a massive Devastator that decimates the Infected population of the Red Zone. Locating the bank vault, Heller expresses relief that Amaya is safe, but is also depressed at Amaya's fear of his infection. Later, as Dana and Amaya stare at the sunrise, Heller decides to walk away, having no place in Amaya's life anymore, but is stopped by Amaya, and they embrace. Dana asks the solemn question: "What now?" as the sun rises over the NYZ...

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