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Mutations are improvements to James Heller's abilities in Prototype 2. They can be obtained by completing Blacknet sets, collecting all Blackbox recordings in one region, destroying all Field Ops in one region, clearing all Infected Lairs in a region, or completing a set of Radnet challenges.

There are five categories of mutations, excluding those exclusive to the Radnet content.


Offensive Icon
"A fighter to the bitter end."
Name Details Flavor Text
Death from Above Increase your aerial attack damage by 10%. "Leave an impact on the world."
Melee Expert Increase the range of your melee attacks by 10%. "The more, the merrier!"
Rocket Arm Improve your throwing damage and speed by 10%. "Go long--all the way to hell."
Devastatingly Beautiful

Can be earned in the GREEN or RED ZONES.

Widen the range of your Devastator by 25%,

"Show them what you're made of!"
Strike Force Deliver 10% stronger melee attacks to all enemies. "I gotta split."
Good Little Soldier

Can be earned in the RED ZONE.

Deal 10% more damage when you operate military weapons and vehicles.

"All's fair in revenge and war."
Heller's Angels

Can be earned in the RED ZONE.

​Give a 50% damage boost to your Brawler Pack.

"Your little darlings will thank you."
Darwinism Inflict 10% more damage on all your military enemies. "Survival of the fittest, motherfuckers!"
Revenge Boost Pummel Infected enemies with 10% more force. "Does that look Infected to you?"


Defensive Icon
"A tough as nails masochist."
Name Details Flavor Text


Can be earned in the GREEN or RED ZONES.

Deflect all bullets from small firearms.

"Check out my bulletproof chest."
Hard Boiled Decrease the damage you take from enemies by 25%. "You mind stop hitting me? It tickles."
Shields Up Once Shields are acquired, get 50% more time to block enemy attacks. "Nice try, assholes."
Personal Space Trigger your Dodge 25% earlier for a tactical attack behind your enemy. "I don't like to be touched. Or killed."



Can be earned in the RED ZONE.

Inflict 25% more damage with your upgraded shield during a timed block.

"Holey, what happened to you?"
Healthy Appetite Increase your overall health by 25%. "A heart a day keeps Alex Mercer away."


Locomotion Icon
"A master of mobility."
Name Details Flavor Text
Jumpy Increase jump distance by 25%. "You say "jump," I say "die"."
Dashing Get a 25% longer Air Dash. "For the Prototype on the go."
God Speed Increase your top speed by 50%. "In it for the long run."
Cheetah Reach your top speed 4X faster than before. "If you see me, you're already dead."

Jet Propulsion

Can be earned in the GREEN or RED ZONES.

Extend the distance of your glide by 25%.

"I can see the apocalypse from here!"
Extra Dashing

Can be earned in the RED ZONE.

Get an additional Air Dash for faster travel.

"The only way to fly."


Predator Icon
"A wolf among lambs."
Name Details Flavor Text

Protein Boost

Gain 25% more health from Consuming. "Revenge is a dish best served bloody."
Inconspicuous Decrease viral detection rate by 50%. "Mind your own fucking business."


Hungry Boy

Get 25% more Mass from Consuming enemies. "This food goes straight to my Mass."
Submission Specialist

Can be earned in the GREEN or RED ZONES.

Weaponize, hijack vehicles and enter Lairs 75% faster.

"Sorry, I should've knocked."
Mass-terful Strikes Gain Mass from using melee attacks on enemies. "Does all this gore make me look fat?"
The Big Bang

Can be earned in the RED ZONE.

Make your Bio-Bombs 10% more explosive.

"You look about ready to pop."
Speedy Recovery

Can be earned in the RED ZONE.

Execute your Devastator and Pack Leader abilities 25% faster.

"A time to kill--again."

Power SpecialistEdit

Power Specialist Icon
"A natural evolved killer."
Name Details Flavor Text
Evenful Horizon

Can be earned in the GREEN or RED ZONES.

Give your Tendril's Black Hole attack a 25% longer reach.

"Reach out and kill someone."

Jungle Cat

Can be earned in the GREEN or RED ZONES.

Leap 10% further with your Claw's Pounce attack.

"You scratch my back, I detach yours."
Go Ballistic

Can be earned in the RED ZONE.

Once Whipfist is acquired, increase your Long Shot attack range by 10%.

"The long arm of the lawless."
Spiked Punch

Can be earned in the RED ZONE.

Deliver 10% more damage with your Hammerfist's Ground Spikes.

"Watch your step."

Can be earned in the GREEN or RED ZONES.

Once Blade is acquired, increase your Tornado attack range by 10%.

"What's sick, twisted, and red all over?"


Name Details Flavor Text

Health Pack

Improve the health of Heller's Brawler Pack by 25%. "A healthy Pack is a happy Pack."
Security Blanket Health regenerates 1% per second while blocking. "I'm gonna need a time-out."
Weightless Float higher when triggering a second glide during a single flight. "Fuck you, gravity."

Fast Learner

Get 25% EP whenever you kill. "Brain is the new brain food!"


Your enemies require 10% less damage before you can Consume them. "Don't play with your food."

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