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Dr. Nathan Bellamy was a leading Gentek scientist. As the right hand of Dr. David Burk, he was crucial to different researches with the Infected. In the Project Orion Bellamy was also crucial. In a way, Bellamy was intelligent, arrogant and naive. He didn't like soldiers and they didn't like him.

Dr. Bellamy was the leader of a couple of research teams in the Yellow Zone. But James Heller tracked them down and eliminated the scientist under Bellamy. After he learned the location of Bellamy, Colonel Rooks wanted the doc to be evacuated to the Green Zone. Dr. Burk argued that he needed Bellamy. The first try went wrong, when the chopper was crashed by Heller. In the second try the Blackwatch soldiers planned to save Bellamy with a transporter. But Heller destroyed the convoy and got the fearful Bellamy, who was just a scientist, not a soldier. He told Heller that Burk was the man, he was looking for, the head scientist, not him. Before Heller consumed him, Bellamy said, he was sorry.

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