Natural Selection
Natural Selection
Anger versus Madness.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 11
Zone Yellow Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Gunship
Blackwatch soldier
Upgrades Claws 3
Tendrils 3
Web of Intrigue Anton Koenig
Previous Phase Two
Next The Airbridge

Natural Selection is the eleventh mission in the Yellow Zone area in Prototype 2

Assessing My EnemyEdit

Upon Heller's arrival at Koenig's base, the Doctor continues to claim innocence, until a pair of helicopters ambush Heller. Destroying them, Heller attacks, and consumes, a commander, revealing Koenig's location. Upon arrival at the base, Heller proceeds to force it out of lockdown. He successfully breaks it, and Koenig makes his escape to a gunship, which he commissions to attack Heller. Heller easily knocks it out of the sky.

The Secret ArmyEdit

Investigating the crash site, Heller finds Koenig unharmed. As he holds Koenig in his grasp, the Doctor performs an unusually superb move, and then reveals himself as a Blacklight being, though not as deadly as Heller. During their fight, Koenig continues to profess his false superiority over Heller, right up until the moment of his defeat, and subsequent consumption. Immediately after Koenig's death, Heller is confronted by Mercer. Heller demands to know why Mercer neglected to mention the presence of people like Koenig to him. Mercer goes on to explain the presence of the "Evolved" in Gentek and Blackwatch. After Mercer departs, Heller is contacted by Guerra, saying Heller needs to come to the Green Zone immediately...

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