The bulbous head of "Mother", with Elizabeth Greene at its core

On Instinct is a mission in Prototype.

Rage in the CityEdit

Once the Bloodtox pumper finishes pumping its contents under Times Square, Elizabeth Greene is forced out into the open. Right before Mercer's eyes, the containment wall busts open, and Greene has been transformed into an abomination known as "Mother".

Alex faces off against the creature by hacking away at the tendrils around its base. Once the bulbous growth is forced to the ground, Alex has a short time to attack it before it burrows back into the ground and resurfaces - with new tendrils even stronger than before!

After a long and arduous fight with Mother, Alex finally defeats the monstrous growth, which relents and releases Elizabeth Greene. An incensed Alex pummels Greene to a bloody mass and consumes her.

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