One Thousand Suns is the epilogue for Prototype. The incidents take place aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.


Wearing the guise of Taggart, Alex Mercer and Cross board the Reagan. They meet up with General Peter Randall, who shoots Mercer, not knowing that it really isn't Taggart at all. Randall then points the gun at Cross' head after being asked about the fate of Blackwatch, at which point Mercer reveals himself. Mercer consumes Randall, obtaining his memory. Cross then suddenly turns on Alex, revealing himself to be the Supreme Hunter!

Face offEdit

As it turns out, Alex stepped in the puddle of Biomass when he rescued Dana from the Core hive, which in turn enabled the Supreme Hunter to regenerate itself. Alex now faces off against the Hunter. In the end, Alex rends the Hunter's head from its shoulders.


Knowing that there is no way to stop the nuke from detonating, Alex hops in a Helicopter and drops the bomb in the ocean, far away from the city. The bomb goes off as Alex flies away, but the line of fire overtakes the copter.

Alex washes up on shore as a puddle of Biomass. When a crow tries to consume him, Alex consumes the crow instead, and regenerates. Knowing what has just happened, and what he has become, Alex wonders if there is a place for him in the world...

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