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Open Conspiracy is a mission in Prototype. This incident occurs on Day 4 of the Infection, with 20 percent of the populace infected.

Military DeploymentEdit

Dana shares some worrying new information. She informs Alex that the USS Ronald Reagan, had docked in the Hudson River, and brought in a huge number of additional Military supplies and infantry. While Dana wonders why were these troops brought here, Alex presumes that they might be here for Raymond McMullen.

Alex Approaches the harbor and is amazed to see the number of troops brought in. He disguises himself and infiltrates their ranks. Soon he comes across a Blackwatch officer near the entrance to the base. Alex moves in to consume, he find that along with all the fire power, they had bought a few hi-tech experimental technology to locate him in the city. After finding out how the UAVs work, Alex realizes that Dana would be in trouble if the UAVs were allowed to be deployed.

Since the consumed Blackwatch officer knew the locations of the deployment, Alex tracks down each patrol and destroys them. He makes sure that none of the patrols reach Dana. When the military notice their patrols going dark, the rest of them are given orders to retreat. Unfortunately for them, Alex has decided to destroy them -- and none of the patrols return to the designated base safely.

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