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Operation Altruistic file.

Operation Altruistic is the final operation in Hope, Idaho conducted by Blackwatch.


ALTRUISTIC began on July 5, 1969. Blackwatch fought the Infected and, under the orders of Peter Randall, liquidated everyone in Hope and tracked the Walkers in a hospital where Elizabeth Greene was giving birth to her son. Blackwatch broke in and killed the Walkers and took Greene and her son (codenamed: "Pariah") as military assets. During this operation, Greene bit Randall in his left arm for taking her son from her, in which Randall was forced to amputate his arm to stop the virus from infecting his body. ALTRUISTIC also recovered the bodies of the Hope Children, but it is unknown if anything else was recovered. Dr. Raymond McMullen stated that ALTRUISTIC had recovered several interesting anomalies from Hope and they only allowed McMullen to see some of them.

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