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Operation Firehawk

Fiery bird of prey

Operation Firehawk is the possible fourth mission in the Red Zone area in Prototype 2.

Hawk in FlightEdit

Galloway contacts Heller with information he already knew; that Project Firehawk is a plan by Blackwatch to level the whole of NYZ with a fleet of helicopters that have been outfitted with Thermobaric rocket launchers. Heller infiltrates one of Blackwatch's landing pads to put an end to the mass genocide...

The Anti-BomberEdit

Arriving at the base, Heller decides to hijack one of the Thermobaric choppers, and lays siege to the fleet. He also takes the time to destroy a depot of Thermobaric weaponry to prevent Blackwatch from ever attempting to do this again. Following the complete failure of Firehawk, Heller meets with Galloway, who attempts to convince him to leave NYZ with her. Heller coldly rejects her, and leaves, with a disheartened Galloway bearing a nasty look on her face...

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