Operation Flytrap
Operation Flytrap
The Brawler about to assault Heller.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 4
Zone Yellow Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Brawler
Blackwatch soldier
Upgrades Claws
Claws 2
Rifle 1
Launchers 1
Previous The Strong Survive
Next Brain Drain
Operation Flytrap is the fourth mission in the Yellow Zone area in Prototype 2. (The succeeding mission has no distinction, as it is a lead-in to the //BLACKNET side missions.)

Across DelawareEdit

While Heller attended to the commanders, Guerra dug up more information, and discovered that Blackwatch was going to execute a field test of their captive Infected specimens in a heavily populated park, designated Test Site Washington. As Heller enters the park, Blackwatch troops move in on the front gate, and promptly release a grotesque, yet deadly creature upon the innocent denizens. The Brawler charges Heller, where he dodges over it, and precedes to beat the creature profusely. When it is beat to near-death, he tears off its arm, and upon doing so, is granted the ability to shift his hands into razor-sharp weapons.

Salvaging the OperationEdit

With his new-found ability, Heller combats the second Brawler released by the soldiers. He then sets his sights on the soldiers themselves. When the original squad lays dead, an APC is called in. Heller picks up a nearby rocket launcher, and blows it to bits. He then concludes that this should be enough to convince the Father to aid him in his endeavor. It succeeds, and Guerra pronounces his intent to help Heller, and by extension Mercer, rid the NYZ of Blackwatch and Gentek's tyranny.


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