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Operation Orion's Belt is a //BLACKNET mission in Prototype 2. It is found in the Yellow Zone of New York Zero.

The TerminalEdit

Father Luis Guerra instructs James Heller about how he used to sneak into Blacknet terminals and steal information. It may point Heller towards the clues he needs about Project Orion. Heller tracks down the terminal, and assuming a Blackwatch disguise (as only Blackwatch personnel can access the terminals), hacks into the terminal and accesses the records of a Dr. Samuel Billingsley.

An Unwelcome VisitorEdit

Using his Sonar power, Heller tracks down Dr. Billingsley and consumes him, obtaining his memory. Heller learns about a facility where they are performing an experiment of some sort. Once at the facility, he once again assumes a Blackwatch disguise and uses the hand scanner to enter the area. Heller then consumes the Blackwatch commander and infiltrates the facility. When inside, he stealth consumes another commander and enters the lab via hand scanner. Heller then consumes his final target - Dr. Genovese - and accesses the computer. After collecting the data, Heller exits the facility.

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