Dana Mercer suggests you to visit the apartment Alex lived. Proceed towards the marker, You stop outside trying to recall. As you enter the apartment, a few memories of your past flashes. Before you have time to recover, you are blasted out of the building. You see a Blackwatch agent escorted to an APC. You need to consume this guy, but we have other problems now. More soldiers land near you, use the special and basic attacks at them and make sure non of them call in a strike package. Pick up one of the passing cars and throw them at the heli as well.

Note: Incase you get overwhelmed and start to lose health fast, consume the soldiers instead of killing them.
  • If the strike team is called, you have seconds before your target escapes. Evade it as you cannot survive their fire yet.
  • Alternatively you can outrun the soldiers and the strike team, change your disguise and you'll have plenty of time to reach your target.

After evading or destroying (if possible), move towards the middle of Central Park. Having a military disguise helps avoid the fight and chaos. But if you intend to be destructive, go ahead and start killing the soldiers for a missile launcher. Grab one and fire at the marked APC. The target should come outside of the tank, sprint towards the target and grab him. Consume your target, watch the memory and escape the scene as the soldiers aren't happy to see you. Alternatively if you still have a military disguise, transform and walk close to the APC. You should get an option to sound an "all clear". And when activated, your target walks out of his protection. Sprint, grab and consume him, then evade the military.

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