Raymond McMullen: "Bradley...the corpses from Penn Station are infected with Blacklight."
Bradley Ragland: "I warned you about bringing it to the city, Raymond."
―Ragland informed about the bodies by McMullen.[src]
Zero transport

A body from Penn stationed being transported.

Patient Zero was the codename assigned for the first victims who were exposed to the Blacklight virus released at Pennsylvannia Station, Manhattan. [1][2]


Mercer vial drop

Alex Mercer about to drop the vial at Penn station.

A Gentek scientist, Alex Mercer stole a vial containing the Blacklight virus he and a group of scientists had worked on. Mercer stole the sample to ensure his escape was successful and reveal the true nature of the work conducted by Gentek along with Blackwatch.[3]

However, Mercer was cornered by Blackwatch personnel at Penn station and ordered to return the vial. In his paranoia, Mercer threw the vial releasing the virus contained within. The personnel who had cornered Mercer, shot him for releasing the virus. Thousands of civilians within the station died due to the exposure.[1]

Stolen bodiesEdit

Blackwatch moved into the city under the pretense of martial law, claiming the city was a victim of biological warfare. They quarantined the area and shifted the bodies to a military base for examination and storage. Alex Mercer's body was transported to Gentek.[1][4]

The CureEdit

Base AE6 Ragland

Ragland examining one of the bodies.

After a series of incidents, a revived Mercer requests the help of a pathologist known as Dr. Bradley Ragland, who was also a close associate of Gentek's Director, Dr. Raymond McMullen. McMullen had transported two infected bodies to Ragland, but it was confiscated by Blackwatch.[4][2]

Ragland informed Mercer that he had to examine the bodies to create a cure for the parasite infecting him. Mercer learned the location of the bodies after he consumed a Blackwatch officer. Later he escorted Ragland to the base, who examined the bodies and succeeded in creating a cure for Mercer.[1]


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