"Use your disguise to accuse another of being hostile."
Patsy 1

Patsy is a military disguise skill that allows Alex Mercer to save himself by targeting any human for termination, accusing that the human is Zeus in disguise. The target can either be a military personnel or a civilian. Mercer was capable of doing this only when disguised as a military personnel (Marines or Blackwatch).

Tactical overviewEdit

Patsy is an excellent way of reducing the alert status, when outside the range of a viral detector. The alerted military units display hostility towards the human target and will open fire, eventually. This ability is further upgradeable and has a regeneration period of 20 seconds after each use. Tactically, this ability can be used to reduce the suspicion of any surrounding military personnel.


This upgrade works even when Mercer is on alert. Using the ability will reset the Alert meter back to zero.

Upgrade chartEdit

Upgrade Unlocked Cost[EP]
Patsy Errand Boy 100,000
Patsy Range Boost Errand Boy 270,000



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