Phase Two
Phase Two
Death of Neo Heller.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 10
Zone Yellow Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Spiked Brawler
Super Soldier
Upgrades Devastator
Web of Intrigue David Burk
Previous The Mad Scientist
Next Natural Selection

Phase Two is the tenth mission in the Yellow Zone area in Prototype 2

Proving You WrongEdit

A few hours after the Orion base's destruction, Koenig contacts Heller with the location of the Phase Two proving grounds. On his way there, Heller demands to know what Phase Two is; Koenig explains that it is a procedure that combines the existing Phase One serum with DNA taken from Heller during his stint in the lab, and goes on to explain that the samples were destroyed in Heller's attack on the base; however, Burk's team managed to create a single successful Phase Two soldier, at the proving grounds. Upon arrival, Koenig denotes the importance of dealing with the Phase Two soldier. Heller engages the super man, who shows more profound combat prowess, advanced gear, and even speaks with Heller's voice. Upon the soldier's defeat and consumption, he begins to feel light-headed, and collapses...

Unseen DevastationEdit

When Heller wakes up, he is surrounded by Blackwatch soldiers, Orion soldiers, and helicopters. He then learns that he has gain the ability to expel his biomass in a massive explosive attack. All at once, more Orion soldiers appear, however, several Brawlers which were imprisoned on the grounds have been released as well. Heller combats and defeats them all. The moment the soldiers and Brawlers fall, Burk makes a foolish escape attempt, and is promptly consumed by Heller. His memories reveal a not-so surprising truth: Koenig has been studying Heller, to assess his strength, waiting for an opportunity to take him out. Heller confronts Koenig on this, yet the scientist continues to profess his innocence. Heller sets out to pay the good Doctor back...


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