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Police car
Pro1 Police Officer
Police car (in the background)

Squad car




Day 01

The police car is the standard mode of transportation of the New York Police Department on Manhattan Island.


The Ford Crown Victoria in use by the NYPD is a regular car with a few modifications, making it tougher during police duty. However, the modifications are not enough to protect it from Infected, Alex Mercer in particular.


The police car is no obstacle. It is completely unarmed and can be picked up and tossed just like regular cars. The only minor obstacle might be the fact that the police officer driving it might call in a strike team, but that's generally not a problem, as they take far too long to decide to call in a Strike team. The occupants, upon spotting Mercer, will activate the car's emergency vehicle lights and will either exit the vehicle to pursue him or attempt to escape to a further distance with which to engage Mercer from.


  • Because the game lacks an "open & get out/in car" animation, when the police have been alerted, the officer will stay inside the car and only "get out" when the camera is not focusing on them.