Predator and Prey
Predator and Prey
Searching for his own prey.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 18.02
Zone Red Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Brawler
Upgrades Skyjack
Rifles 3
Launchers 3
Previous The Descent
Next Burned from Memory

Predator and Prey is the transitive mission between the Green and Red Zone areas in Prototype 2.

Data DefenseEdit

Finally arriving in the Red Zone, Heller is instead directed to defend a research truck that is being used to track Dana's location. After slaughtering waves of Brawlers and Juggernauts, several Hydras appear, prompting Heller to use side missiles in his chopper to disable their long-range attacks. Upon killing the Hydras, Heller airlifts the researcher seconds after a Goliath appears on the scene. Taking him to a nearby base, the researcher decodes Dana's location, and Heller is sent to deal with her...

A Meeting in HellEdit

Landing at the supplied coordinates, Heller contacts Dana, informing her that Blackwatch is now prioritizing her as a target. Dana sends Heller new coordinates, and asks to meet her there...

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